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Has Stress and Time worn you down?

Do you want to release tension, pain and create peace of mind?

Do you want to renew harmony, balance while recharging your energy and spiritual health?

Are you tired of repeating patterns and want stop attracting the same kind of people and life situations and dis-ease?

Do you want to build intimate relationships?

If your answer is yes, we look forward to working with you at


~Cataumet Healing Center~

Alternative and Complimentary Healing Therapies

Who we are

The Cataumet Healing Center is a Spiritual Healing Facility where you may receive Alternative and Complimentary Medical Therapies and Transpersonal Healing

What We Do

The Reverend Dr. T. W. Kingman, Mh.D. Rh.D. Ph.D. -Dr. Tom- is a Metaphysician Practitioner specializing in assisting those seeking Alternative and Complimentary medical therapies and Transpersonal Healing to overcome mental, emotional, spiritual and related physical conditions restricting or preventing flow of their Kundalini energy and intake of Vital Life Force energy. This vital energy or life force is known under different names in different cultures as Prana, Ki, Qi, and Chi. These therapies consist of healing techniques known as Energy Therapy.



Energy gives life to the body and is used to prevent or heal disease; Energy Therapies are the healing techniques and processes to uncover and releaseDis-ease or faulty thoughts known as “blocks” that are increasingly stressing continuously weakening our immune system to manifest as disease so that energy can freely flow through and around the body.


For You!

Without You, with loving positive energy and consciousness, your family, friends and associates are without your beautiful Love and Radiance!

There is only one person filling all the portions of your life: YOU!

You are important!

You matter!

You make a difference!

Isn’t it time to love yourself: to make time in your busy life to nourish and revitalize yourself and your loved ones?

~Gift Certificates~

* Gift certificates are available for purchase

* From time to time Complimentary Gift Certificates may be gifted to regular clients by Dr. Tom. If unused, these gift certificates are not eligible for any monetary Refunds.

~phone sessions~

To arrange a phone session, please e-mail cathealctr.08@verizon.net  Together we will establish a mutually acceptable date and time.


Energy Therapies

hr session $75.00

Hour session $135.00

Phone /e-mail Counseling $135.00 per hour

Psychotherapy/ RoHun Sessions

By the hour $135.00

Hospital, Nursing Home, Rehabilitation facility and House calls

Local-$135.00 per hour including travel time

Out of area and abroad, travel time and expenses

Please contact for full pricing.

To arrange a session, Please call Dr. Tom at 1-508-564-4001 or e-mail cathealctr.08@verizon.net  Together we will establish a mutually acceptable date and time.

Recommendation- before any session set your intent to go as deep as possible so to release as much as possible. “The deeper you go the higher and higher you go!”

~Policies, Legal~

Your confidentiality is protected at all times. Your records are secured in such a way as to protect privacy and be in compliance with professional and legislative regulations. Your written permission must be obtained prior to release of or reporting of any record or information unless any State or Federal laws require otherwise. As Dr. Tom is a Minister, confidentiality privileges may supersede even state and federal laws.

~ Where do I start? ~

A free telephone consultation will help you to determine your personal path to understanding and reclaiming the truly magnificent being of Light and Spirit you truly are. Please call Dr. Tom at 1-508-564-4001.

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