~~~ about tom kingman ~~~


Tom with three of the many abused Siberian Huskies he has rehabilitated.

Though he didn’t know it Tom’s Metaphysician Practitioner healing life path started in 1945 when, at the age of three and a half, he helped his father build a lighthouse at the family boatyard in Cataumet. This lighthouse is still occupied and functional. He continued on this path by creating a safe harbor, originally known as Cataumet Marina and starting the Chartroom Restaurant.

Symbolically a lighthouse is a beacon of hope guiding travelers away from troubled waters into a safe haven. The marina is the safe haven as it symbolizes a place of receiving the healing power of water and peacefulness. Water, essential for all life, cleanses the soul of dis-ease. The Chartroom Restaurant symbolically and literally supplies life sustaining energy from food, beverage and stress relief from good company.

While running his marina Tom realized he was becoming increasingly sensitive to the energy and pain of others and reached out to help including but not limited to captaining a rescue tugboat. He also started experiencing unexplainable synergistic coincidences and psychic visions. When Tom began experiencing unexplainable metaphysical and physical signs he knew he had to find answers. After much denial, He finally listened to the visions and occurrences he had been having and was guided to Delphi University and Spiritual Center in 1997. Tom attended Delphi for two years, during this time he received much enlightenment and found his life’s calling. Tom decided to sell his marina and return to Delphi for more in-depth training and in 2003 did so.

Dr. Tom graduated in 2005 with a Mh.D. Doctor of Metaphysical Healing, a Rh.D. in RoHun™, Doctor of RoHun™ Therapy, and a Ph.D., as a Doctor of Science in Transpersonal Psychology & Complimentary and Alternative Medical Therapies.

During this life transition Tom became an Ordained Minister in the Church of Wisdom, a non-denominational ministry of healers and teachers.

In this period Tom was also guided to rescuing and rehabilitating many abused Siberian Huskies and restoring their unconditionally loving abilities to be shared with deserving humans.

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