~Energy Therapies available~

Healing Touch

Healing Touch is a compilation of energy-based procedures which involve the transfer of positive energy thru the hands and aids the removal of negative energies and blockages. Many of these procedures focus on bringing balance and harmony to the entire body while others focus on a particular illness or condition. There are procedures specifically for opening and tuning chakras, other procedures for joint and other specific pain. Healing Touch can calm pain, balance and activate the energies of the physical body, promote more rapid healing and general well-being. The particular session procedure is determined by your specific healing desire and your intent.


Session times:

One half hour

1 hour recommended

Energy Therapies

Trance Healing


In this extremely powerful energy based healing technique, Spirit Doctors are channeled to remove blockages and restore balance and harmony to you with a guided combination of many healing techniques designed for your highest and best use. Many of the testimonials mention this type of healing.

An excellent healing experience, it is a gift of love for those having recently experienced surgery, childbirth, day to day stress, care giving as well as other debilitating life experiences.


This technique is taught only at Delphi University where Dr. Tom studied

 Session time: one hour.

 High Impact Trauma Relief Trance Healing

A gentle guided technique for quickly and lovingly restoring peace, calm and harmony bringing balanced equilibrium to the etheric body for mirroring in the physical body.

If you have experienced trauma and shock from surgery, impact accidents and terrifying experiences such as hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, flood, accidents and similar distress which has shaken up your body, emotions and psyche, this process is specifically performed to provide relief, balance and harmony. Traumatic shock experiences usually result in periods of frantic, fearful, sometime frenzied and irrationally fluctuating emotions, unbalanced physical control along with inability to fully relax or even receive much needed deep refreshing sleep.

Please see testimonials.

Developed from client needs utilizing Delphi University taught Techniques.

Session time: one hour

Color and Sound Healing

The use and application of Color and vibrations of Sound are part of an energy based healing to make a Color and Sound Healing session a truly satisfying sensation.  Color and Sound Healing works on a special level for return of balance, proper resonance and to bring synchronization back into the body while stripping off piled up layers of dis-ease.

Proper vibration and harmony can create healing for mental, emotional, and physical symptoms. Color vibrations are added through aroma sensing of liquid pomanders. Sound vibrations for bringing balance back into the system are added using tuning forks, as well as intoning with mantras.

All seven main chakras are opened and blockages released, while each chakra and inter-connected sub-chakras are aligned, balanced, and energized using both modern and ancient techniques.


This technique is taught only at Delphi University.

Session time: one hour


Brazilian Light Energization

A Brazilian Light Energization is an energy therapy that removes imbalances and blocks to ones energy flow thus allowing and facilitating the natural healthy flow of energy known as Kundalini stored in the area of the sacrum to rise bringing Vital Life Force energy thru the two criss-crossing channels spiraling upward around the spine. 

These two upward intertwining energy pathways or channels are historically represented on the Metaphysician Practitioners’ symbol of the God Hermes Staff of Life as intertwined rising snakes named in Greek lore as Ida and Pingula.



Where these two energy pathways cross along the spinal column are located 6 major energy chakras. As the Kundalini moves up, the Metaphysician Practitioner examines, repairs, tunes and heals the chakras, releasing blocks so additional vital life force from the universe can be naturally drawn in to energize the body. Eventually this energy is unspiralled through the Medulla oblongata, pituitary and pineal glands for transmutation into physical energy and balancing.

 An excellent healing experience by the gift of love for you or a special someone experiencing stress, childbirth, surgery, physical energy depleting medications such as chemotherapy, prescription medications and even energy depleting care giving.


This intensive healing method is the legacy of the late


Man Of Light

Mauricio Panisset,


The Brazilian healer “Man of Light” discussed in Shirley MacLaine’s book “Going Within”.

 At Delphi University,

Kimberly Panisset Curcio painstakingly teaches devoted healers to continue Mauricio’s sacred healing as he performed it.


This technique is taught only at Delphi University.

Session time: one hour







Lotus Therapy


A deep releasing in-depth process that gives specific kindness to the back and concentrates on the release of energy blocks along the spinal column for balancing and restoring physical energy while awakening the vital life force along the spine.. Aspects of a trance healing are also part of a Lotus Healing.

This technique is taught only at Delphi University.


Session time: one hour


Blood Cleanse

A Blood Cleanse is a guided cellular purification that can erase the very basis of dis-ease. This noninvasive method of cleansing the blood, as well as the consciousness, of negative energies makes use of both innovative visualization and energy based healing.  A forgiveness process releasing negative energies and thoughts is also a vital uplifting part of this self-healing.


This technique is only taught at Delphi University.

Session time: one hour





Reflective Etheric Healing


This process uses the nature of the protective Reflective Ethers, above and surrounding the physical body, to bring healing through imagery and etheric birthing to the diseased or surgically altered physical body. The memory of a perfect un-diseased un-injured state is re-established in the diseased organ or body function area, thus providing energy for the organ or body function to heal itself.

As one of the purposes of the Etheric layers is to protect the physical body, part of this healing process is to repair any damage and disruption in the surrounding protective Etheric layers. The Etheric Body is considered the soul’s link to the physical body. A Reflective Etheric Healing can be an invaluable aid for stroke, organ replacement, amputees and surgery patients.


This technique is taught only at Delphi University.

A three session process over three consecutive days

Day one- 1 hour

Day two- 1 hour

Day three- ½ hour






Crossing Over Counseling and Guidance


Process 1

A gentle sacred loving transitional guidance performed at the bedside, in home, or hospital situations or where appropriate, as a sacred distance process.


Session time: one hour

Travel time additional.


Process 2

This process is also a gentle, sacred loving transitional distance guidance bringing peace for those who have not completely crossed over.  Crossing over guidance is a loving and sacred distance process that can also bring peace to a Spiritually aware family.


Session time: one hour





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Hospital, Rehabilitation facility, Retirement and Nursing Home services


Many of the energy therapies and services are available for you or your loved ones with Dr. Tom attending in the hospital, rehabilitation facility or nursing home. Energy Therapy and Energy Medicine can be an invaluable self help healing tool during and after surgery, birth in addition to aiding with pain mitigation, and recuperation.


Pricing based on time used





Medical Intuitive Psi Scan


An intuitive medical process of investigation used for determining physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health as mentioned in testimonials.  A Psi Scan is extremely useful for loved ones having distress in hospital and nursing home settings.


Session time: one hour

Recommended: In-depth one and one half hour session


Distance Healing


Dr. Kingman is a Metaphysician Practitioner who has been trained and guided to be able to transmit healing energies over distances for those that are open to healing and open to following the:

Instructions for a distance Healing Session”.


Please view testimonials.

For session length please see specific therapy.




Past Life Regression Therapy


A very enlightening and rewarding process enabling individuals to access the unconscious for restoring past abilities and healing of current problems.


Session time: one hour

Recommended: In-depth one and a half hour session


Spiritual Mentoring and Counseling

Spiritual awareness, awakening, or “opening” can range from slow and gentle to abrupt and even scary or somewhere in- between for those not understanding these phenomena occurrences being experienced.  These sessions may be but are not limited to include Spontaneous Psychism, synergistic coincidences, out of body experiences, emotional releases, and any of the “Clair” senses, precognition, clairsentience, clairvoyance,  clairaudience, clairempathy,  clairscent, clairgustance, psychic sensitivity, Angel and Guide visitations,  other metaphysical happenings, including but not limited to, out of  body experiences, epiphany’s, etc.

Mentoring and Counseling tailored to your needs with answers providing understanding for control and grounding for self-realization and accepting  the loving Spiritual Being you truly are.


Session time: one hour

Also available by phone




Akashic Angel and Master Teacher Reading


This session introduces you to the Angelic, Spiritual energies, and Teachers who influence your life path direction.

Session time: Either a ½ hour or recommended 1 hour

Yhandi’s Inner Light

For someone that is not yet ready to access, address and release the deeper core issues that RoHun helps heal, Yhandi's Inner Light is an alternative healing process that accesses, determines and heals the negative and repressed emotions and self-destructive thoughts the Inner Child and Adult have unconsciously stored in their emotional-mental energetic system. This healing and integration of the Inner child with Adult result in immediate peace of mind, creative productivity, and a sense of clarity and joy.

Session time: An in-depth process of four sessions separately or in a 2-3 day Intensive.

Session one: 3-4 hours,

Session two: 1-2 hours,

Session three: 3-4 hours,

Session four: 1-2 hours

All within a two week period

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