Do I have to believe in Spirit? It is not necessary to believe in Spirit in a conventional or dogmatic way. We experience a sensing of our spirit when we feel the need to know the meaning of our lives, when we seek to experience something greater, or when we contemplate our own mortality. It is our spirit that inspires us to let go of everything in ourselves that needs to die and open to that which needs to be born. Our Spirit is the heart of our matter. When we are not connected with our Spirit, we feel isolated and no longer able to embrace the higher aspects of our being. We are not able to feel love, joy and compassion. The intuitive and spiritual training unites you with your strengths in a sacred healing process that inspires a greater sense of value and fulfillment restores your vitality and gives you confirmation of your gifts and abilities.

Why should I wear white clothing? For Energy Therapy and Energy Healing wearing dark clothing is very restricting to energy flowing and is very similar to one trying to swim in wet concrete or move forward in thick mud.

Should I wear white for RoHun? Only if you feel guided to, you are working with your personal shadow nature and not guided energy from Source or the Universe.

Can I ask during the session about what is going on? Yes! Please speak up and ask anything about what is happening during your session. Please share with Dr. Tom your session experiences as well as e-mail or call in further experiences and questions the following day. Dr. Tom will be glad to validate as the answers will continue your healing to a higher level.

How can I prepare myself to get the best out of my healing session? Set your intent for a healing for your highest and best good. Include any specific needs. Write these intentions out and give them to Dr. Tom before the session. Writing your request raises the healing energy to a higher level. Also meditating every day, if only for ten to twenty minutes, will greatly enhance the releasing of old worn out energy and flowing in of refreshing new energy especially during your next healing session. Please see “EDUCATIONAL RECOMMENDATIONS” page to see a list of several excellent guided meditations easily obtained. Remember you are responsible for your own healing, so the more you prepare the better the healing.

What causes disease? Physical problems and disease are symptoms of other underlying causes, whether they are mental, emotional or spiritual.

I’m scared of dogs, will yours attack me? No. Licks and kisses are their preferred greeting. The fur kids will be kept in their area and away from you unless you request seeing them. Please advise us about this fear and if you wish we can also search out its roots during a session and look to release it if you so desire.

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