~~ministerial services~~

Ordained Minister Registered to perform weddings, commitment ceremonies and ministerial services in Massachusetts as well as in any State and Country permitting registration.

Reverend Dr. Thomas W. Kingman is ordained in the

Church of Wisdom of Atlanta,

a non-denominational ministry of healers and teachers located in McCaysville, Georgia.

Weddings or Commitment Ceremonies to meet your specific needs.

End-of-Life Spiritual Counseling and Healing

Memorial services & Funerals to meet your specific needs.

Dr. Tom provides sacred transitional guidance at the bedside, in home, hospital situations and where more appropriate, as a sacred distance process.

Grief Counseling

Adjusting to any important loss, whether it is the death of a beloved spouse, child, parent, loving pet, medical procedure, or the loss of a job, can be facilitated by grief counseling. Dr. Kingman can provide a caring, supportive therapeutic relationship that can help you to move through the stages of grief and adjust to the new life situation.

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