~~healing session protocol~~

Please wear loose, comfortable White, or light colored pastels or colored light khaki clothing for all healing work.Exception-non-white clothing is for RoHun sessions only.

Be on time: Your healing session is a sacred time scheduled just for you.

Write down your intent for a healing; please remember to bring it with you.

Please call 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel.

Relax! Allow yourself to bathe in the luxury of releasing and healing from Spirit and the Universe

Your individual spiritual beliefs and practices are honored.

You are empowered to give feedback, speak, modify or discontinue the session at any time. Safe and clear professional boundaries are maintained at all times and permission for hands-on touch is obtained. Touch is non-sexual, non-aggressive and respect’s your boundaries.

Please share at session’s end for review usually results in a deeper healing.

It is recommended that you enjoy drinking extra water at sessions end and for the next several days.

Recommended-- Avoid synthetic sweetened beverages, especially Diet Soda, prior to and for several days after your session.

Please journal your session and experience over the next several days including dreams.

Contact Dr. Tom if you need any personal guidance.

~~ distance healing session protocol ~~

This is your Sacred Moment in time! Your private healing time- prepare a comfortable place where you can rest uninterrupted and free from distractions. Surrender! Relax! Allow yourself to bath in the luxury of releasing and healing from Spirit and the Universe.

Please review and follow all the “Instructions for a Healing above. In addition:

Remove all metal you can from your body, along with your shoes. If needed have a white or light pastel colored covering available to keep you warm.

Keep a pencil and paper handy to journal your session, you may be aware that something is taking place, experiences, sensations, feelings, warmth, , pressure, tingling, during the session as well as dreams and synergistic coincidences over the next several days.



Holistic Healing two day Intensive

The Holistic Healing intensive is a two day specialized educational class to assist you to become more intuitive and spiritually aware.

It uses structured innovative methods to assist you in connecting with your inner resources in order to achieve positive transformation in every area of your life.

The Holistic Healing system is composed of body scans, classes, a day-long workshop, and five healing sessions.

The healing sessions include: Blood Cleanse, Lotus Healing, Color and Sound Healing, In-Depth Trance Healing and Reflective Etheric Healing. These healing sessions will help you to release negative blocks in your emotional/mental and physical energy fields which debilitate you and which prevent your progress in life. This purification process strengthens your spiritual abilities and your connection with Spirit.

Length of time over two consecutive days: 12 hours. Approximately 5-7 hours each day.

RoHun™ Intensive

A weekend RoHun™ Intensive is perfect for the individual who is ready for a life-altering experience but doesn't have the time or inclination for weekly appointments.

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