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What is RoHun™ Therapy?


RoHun™ Therapy, the single most effective and in-depth method of spiritual psychotherapy, is a three phase transformational therapy of discovery of your hidden personal shadow nature to bring rapid release of all major emotional issues, clearing faulty thought patterns and belief systems that attract negative thoughts and people.

This new found enlightenment and evolution for personal growth and development ultimately leads to more self-awareness as a true spiritual being.

RoHun™ is a deep discovery into self-realization and a release process that taps into the unconscious regions as well as conscious regions of the mind to understand and release the negative thought constructs and emotions that restrict, limit, and continually sabotage self.

RoHun™ is also a guided process for you who want to discover and process, release, heal and get beyond post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Ex-military personnel have had dramatic healing experiences in completing this process.

RoHun™ is a very rapid acting psychotherapy, and yet lets you proceed at your own pace, unlike other psychotherapies that can be life long. RoHun™ can take as little as six months or as long as a year or so to complete all the phases. Just remember, the faster you are able to move thru this process, the sooner you regain your self empowerment. Through Love and Wisdom you provide yourself with a profound and lasting life change.


How RoHun™ will help you!

Assists you to relax tension and relieve stress.

Uncovers, processes, and releases post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Helps you to forgive and release the past, obtaining new freedom from guilt and resentments

Gives you deep and meaningful insight into self.

Introduces you to your creative-intuitive abilities.

Aids in the development and reinforcement of self-confidence, self esteem and self worth.

Assists you toward a more open expression of self.

Increases inner peace and harmony.

Gives insight into intimate relationships.

Increases your understanding and compassion for self and others.

Helps you become more comfortable with the self and feel stronger about coping with life.

Enhances self-worth and ability to love self and others.

Where do I start?

You could experience a Trance Healing then you can begin with a mild one hour RoHun™ Cards session, a more moderate Cleanse or go directly into Phase 1 RoHun™ therapy in the stages listed below:

Card Session


A card session is gentle start and a good way to prepare oneself for releasing the stronger subconscious faulty thoughts and emotional blocks that are preventing you from expressing your full potential by enlightening thoughts and feelings. You experience how your higher self works with your consciousness to validate your issues while guiding you to realizing and understanding the thoughts you are releasing and remove their hold on your life. (Highly recommended to start the flow of changes that will positively affect you-but not a pre-requisite for RoHun™ Therapy)

Session time: one hour



Cleanse Session


A Cleanse session is a stronger and more enlightening introductory session of the RoHun Purification process. Dr. Tom, your therapist, works in each chakra guiding you in removing blocks and transforming general negative thoughts and feelings of helplessness, fear, unworthiness and those of a self-depreciating nature. A Cleanse provides you with the experience of releasing old destructive thought forms and building trust with Dr. Tom.


Session time: two and one half hours

(Highly recommended but not a pre-requisite for RoHun™ Therapy)



Recommendation- before any session set your intent to go as deep as possible so to release as much as possible. “The deeper you go the higher and higher you go!”


Stage I - Stage II - Stage III


Stage I

Phase I eliminates the blocks and self-limitations resulting from traumas, negative thought, negative behavior patterns and dysfunctional life scripts. This corrective and cleansing phase balances the male-female energies, and sets in motion a positive healthy energy field that attracts better, more loving experiences. There are three processes that make up this phase.

Stage I, Process 1: RoHun™ Basic Purification

This is the cleansing and personality re-integration that is the basic psychotherapy stage of RoHun™. This process releases the faulty thoughts that keep the individual in negative behavior and feelings, blocking best possible Self -Transformation. Dr. Kingman, in this process, carries out thought surgery by guiding and assisting you to change negative emotions and faulty thought patterns into healthy, positive and productive feelings and thought patterns. Blockages to your energy are processed and lifted from the chakras so that you’re vital life force can flow freely energizing your total being.

Session time: Three to four 2.5 hour sessions to be given consecutively or within seven to ten days. 7 to 12.5 hours total.


Stage 1, Process 2: RoHun™ Skim

A skim session is the continued cleansing process of RoHun™ Purification. A skim session usually takes place about one month after the first RoHun™ Basic Therapy. During this time period, issues and energies that were loosened in the initial session surface and can be released. Your deeper issues have emerged as you are better able to face aspects of self with greater openness. You are able to focus on the ‘arena of Trauma” and to focus more clearly on self-image and your attitude toward life produced by different images. Experiences from negative past lives and trauma held in your unconsciousness surface and now being understood can be finally released.

Session time: one 2.5 hour session

Stage 1, Process 3: RoHun™ Shadow Purification

Shadow purification is the ultimate cleansing to heal the core part of ourselves that we prefer not to carry in our conscious mind.

The purpose of Shadow Purification is to access and heal these deep core issues concerning our past abuse of power to finally heal the fears, “The Caged Ones”, which prevent success and responsible expression of abilities so you can successfully shift to heightened levels of awareness, love, and creative productivity, peace of mind to experience a deeper sense of purpose, clarity and direction.

The core issue you are discovering and releasing will be a bit “tricky” starting immediately when you decide to have this process done. That is because you have given the Trickster Archetype warning that you are ready to take back your power all the way down to the cellular level. You’re unmasking and the release of the shadow permits you to accept yourself as a loving being with purpose and direction freeing you to operate responsibility from your higher self using all your talents and abilities. This process is challenging, and interesting and usually 4 consecutive sessions in length.

Session time: Four 2-3 hour consecutive sessions, depending on how strong an intent you set.

Advanced stages of RoHun™ Therapy

Recommendation- before any session set your intent to go as deep as possible so to release as much as possible. “The deeper you go the higher and higher you go!”


Stage II

Phase II advances you to a higher evolutionary level and is a change toward self-realization of your Soul's individual mission or course for your life. As your higher self emerges, you achieve a greater clarity, purpose and direction as well as well as expanded vision of your true self and abilities. Thoughts and feelings (you’re male and female energies) are healed and finally come together in an intimate union resulting in a deep understanding of the truly beautiful unconditionally loving person you really are and begin to recognize those qualities in others. With this understanding and reawakened ability comes an amazing increase in your creative productivity and loving self expression.


II, Process 1: The Seven Selves in Transformation Stage


The seven selves are the archetypal energies residing in our seven major chakras. Their goal is to guide us in obtaining a collective expression of wholeness. These archetypal energies typically have little respect for each other and tend to act independently instead as of a whole. Healing consists of investigation, study and integration of the splits and separations. Getting to know these energies, the essence of self within you, assures you’re ability to achieve, feel balanced love, harmony, wisdom and light


Session time: three consecutive 2-3 hour sessions



Stage II, Process II A and B: The Origin Process


In these two Origin processes, one is used to heal the soul while the second is used to heal the ego. Clearing the Soul heals the soul of its original imprints of faulty thoughts and reactive selves. When the soul enters into human form it uses the ego to express intention and purpose in pursuit of individualization. It is at this point feelings of abandonment begin to emerge. Feelings of isolation, separation, and abandonment initiate creation of faulty thoughts within the divine child. It believes God has abandoned it or it has abandoned God. Faulty thoughts create feeling of hopelessness, guilt, terror and rage that become crystallized in the cellular structure. As the divine child moves to deeper levels of healing it activates a desire for higher levels of spiritual understanding. This desire to reunite with the father-mother God levels gives the divine child access to love and wisdom to be channeled into all of its creations.

This Ego Clearing is used to release faulty thoughts and feelings passed on to the divine child by the soul at the times of its separation from the realms of light. These process’s move you to even higher levels of function and creativity and understanding of what a beautiful loving, wise intelligent creation you really are.

Session time: Two consecutive 2.5 hour sessions.

Stage II, Process III: The Divine Mother


Many times we allow the traditional teachings of “must be done this way” and our childhood connections with our mothers to interfere with our highest good. These are issues that separate us from our true self and finally we get answers to questions we have always had about ourselves.


In our life we loose track of unconditional love because we do not understand and remember that we have agreed to allow mother to push our buttons. Often the agreements are the buttons we are pushing to try to control her. In this process we learn the what , why, how, and who of these agreement to enable you to once and for all finally let go of those bonds which frees us to use our feminine intuitive energy and our directive male energy creating a balance that allows you to move forward freely and in harmony with the universe.


Session time: one 3 hour session


Stage II, Process IV: The Androgynous Process


Millenniums of disparity between the masculine and feminine ways of being have left a deep hurt in our human psyche. No one, male or female, escapes the effects of this wound-which pervades both our inner and outer lives. Inwardly we experience it as a split between heart and mind, feeling and thinking, vulnerability and power; outwardly it manifests itself in war between the sexes until we can transform this antagonism we will remain fragmented and at war with ourselves, as individuals, as couples, as societies, and as a race.


As the relationships we live are a mirror of what is inside of us, the Androgynous process was designed to heal the fiery inner conflicts existing between your male and female energies. As the many layers of male and female energies contained in each chakra are united and begin to feel and express unconditional love, trust, inner peace and creativity, your entire focus and reaction to life changes for the highest good of all.

Session time: Three 3 hour sessions.


Recommendation: before any session set your intent to go as deep as possible so to release as much as possible. “The deeper you go the higher and higher you go!”


Stage III

RoHun™ Phase III is an amazing eye-opening understanding and adventure into the maze and illusion that your inner child created as a way of survival in a lonely, overwhelming world.

The deep revealing and understanding of miss-concepts AKA faulty thoughts your inner child took on, pinpoints the repetitive and destructive mental constructs, and the four major fears that sabotage love and success to separate you from your true divine self. Thus this final RoHun™ Healing Process is called The Advanced Core Purification Process

This Advanced Process aims to heal faulty psychological and emotional deeply buried and hidden faulty thoughts of the inner child within us all. When we are children we experience pain, loneliness, fear and isolation. To protect ourselves, our inner child creates Maya. Maya are spaces of illusion and fragmentation the inner child creates to feel loved and protected. These inner scenarios contain made-up characters and negative fantasies, negative scripts and thought forms that reside in our being all the time cooking and boiling up with negative emotions and thoughts until identified and dismantled.


In this process you and Dr. Tom discover, heal, clear and release in your Constructs, Vaults and Tanks.

Constructs, Vaults and Tanks


Mental constructs-where the child fled, created out of pain which is not of divine thinking,


Heart vaults-where the child fled, created out of fear of nothingness, abandonment, failure, and death,


Abdominal tanks-where the child fled, created out of deception, abuse, hatred, bitterness and death wishes.



Experiencing the Constructs, Vaults and Tanks process brings to you new levels of awareness and purpose with a greater loving relationship for your divine self who for usually the first time knows freedom and sense of purpose and unconditional love.

This technique is taught only at the RoHun™ Institute at Delphi University.


Session time: Four 4 hour sessions.

All RoHun™ Processes are available in-person only

RoHun™ Intensive

A weekend RoHun™ psychotherapy Intensive is perfect for the individual who is ready for a life-altering experience but doesn't have the time or inclination for weekly appointments.

Recommendation: before any type of session set your intent to go as deep as possible so to release as much as possible. “The deeper you go the higher and higher you go!”

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