I would love to testify.

Dr. Kingman saved my life. I had spent 20 years in misery and pain, until I worked with him. He helped me to realize how magnificent I truly am. How I am deserving of Love and how I can touch others with the love in my heart. Without shame or blame Tom revealed all that I had created that was harming me. He held me in his heart and created a safe place for me to forgive myself and others. He released lifetimes of self hatred. I am eternally grateful to him.

G. Gates, M.D.



Thank You soooo much for yesterdays Healing!

I truly enjoyed --!

I noticed an immediate difference in smell and taste...I walked outside and it was incredible!!

I was relaxed and slept like a baby!

I had a funky dream and----I made everything Right in the dream!!!???

I still feel the invigorated feeling in my shoulder...I had tons of energy this morning as well!

Loved the dogs....I'm smitten with their eyes....and the "Sloppy Wet Kisses"!!!

Judith Davis


Hello dear Tom,

"My healing experience with Tom has brought me the gift of a child to be and self love. Through his healing treatments I was able to release life times of pain and hurts. Which left room for a child of love and light to grow in my womb and heart. Tom has been a facilitator in a magical and medicinal experience that changed my life."

Thank you etherical god fairy! - C.P.

Note; nine weeks following this testimonial a healthy and hearty baby girl has arrived, both mother and daughter doing fine.


Tom helped my brothers and I to have the peace of knowing that our mother passed on with the knowledge that she was loved. It was a great relief to know that she knew in the end that her children truly loved her and that she was now out of pain and at peace.

He also helped to prepare me for her death in letting me know just how much she was suffering here on earth.

His help was invaluable.




Hey Dr. Tom

I have been wanting to write you and tell you how good I felt after your healing. I really appreciated it. I was so relaxed when I got home that

night. I had been dying for a drink that afternoon, but didn't want to

have one until after my healing, funny thing thou, after the healing when I

got home all I could drink, and all I felt like drinking was water. I

couldn't find a single drink in the house that appealed to me.

Hugs and smooches to the pups

Desirée Cohen


Dr. Tom,
------- feeling so much better after seeing you yesterday! Really needed it - it never ceases to amaze me how much lighter I feel after having a session. It is always nice to get this crap stuff out!!!



Have known Tom since 2004 as a fellow student in Healing Touch classes and as a recipient

of his energy based treatments.  Tom has a talent for connecting on a spiritual level.  His work offers opportunity for clearing and release in a very kind and gentle manner.



Dr. Kingman assisted with my healing from over 900 miles away. I had an emergency hysterectomy and he sent a great amount of healing energy my way. After he worked on me, I could walk easier and needed less pain medications. He has also given me some direction on which way to go when he was asked. His advice was priceless! He has helped me tremendously!

With much love and light,

Barbara B.


After what could have been a near fatal accident totaling my car, in addition to some minor bumps and bruises, I felt completely out of sorts, mentally as well as emotionally drained and what I later realized I was vibrating in frentic energy.’

Dr. Kingman ably removed all of negative energy caused by the accident and using Reflective Etheric Healing techniques brought a calm and balance both into my Aura as well as to my physical body and mind! It was amazing!! After the healing session I felt completely balanced, calm and full of energy and light!”              SH 


I have known Tom Kingman for several years.  We met when we were both students at Delphi University studying metaphysical healing and transpersonal psychology.  I have found him to be a highly intuitive healer with a deep compassion for those who are in distress.  I found his work to be effective for the reduction of pain due to an arthritic condition.

Dr. Gerri Goodwin  


The past 2 yrs have been the worst of my life, getting out of an abusive relationship, having to get a restraining order on this person, and always looking behind me in case he was there. Tom's work really helped me to release the fear and anger that I was carrying. I have been able with each successive session to sleep more soundly and deal with the stresses of everyday life like I did before these past 2 yrs. D.C.



I truly appreciate the healing sessions you gift to me.
Felt like a million bucks last night after I left - extremely euphoric!!! Was like I had taken valium or something!! So incredible!!:-) Whatever was eating me - it gone, how nice for me! SH


Dear Tom,

Thank you for looking in (metaphysically) on my mother earlier today. She looked great immediately after the surgery. Wow! CMK


Tom whom I call bear, has been warm and open hearted with me from day one allowing my trust and compassion to open. We live in different country's but yet he always seems to know what I am going threw and delivers with out question an email identifying my troubles and healing remedies for me to use to strengthen me in my hours of need,,...When I had a terrible accident and could not walk for months 3 years ago, Tom was there offering his guidance and distant healing which speeded up my healing process considerably, he is a gifted and compassionate physic healer whom I love dearly, thank you bear. Your support has been amazing to me.
Love and peace


Dear Dr. Kingman,

I want to express my appreciation for your great help and the regular healing sessions you provided to me before, during and after my recent surgery. This is what I observed:


I know and feel you have powerful healing energies and in my case you used them very appropriately. The very precise information that you channeled and passed on to me was not only accurate but was, and still is, extremely helpful in my getting back to normal. Certainly it would have taken much longer to recover without your help and incredible insight. I’m so happy to know that you are able to provide a lasting level of comfort and understanding to others who may need your help and support. 


You are truly a blessing from Heaven and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

 Dr. Marie-France Hankinson


May 2007

Three years after my right side paralyzing stroke and severe speech impediment I returned to Cape Cod in the same condition despite the conventional medical Doctorís, hospitals and Therapistís work arriving with their very poor prognosis. Tom came to my aid and performed the 3 sessions of the Reflective Etheric Healing process. Immediately I began regaining functions, albeit slowly at first in my badly atrophied muscles. I was now able to get a dog for companionship and we go for 2 hour daily walks now, my right arm and hand now has at least 65 -75percent mobility now. My speech has dramatically improved. Now I can cook, wash dishes, vacuum and clean, go shopping, do mathematics, and except for needing transportation to stores I am 99 percent free of needing assistance.


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